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26 March 2013 @ 09:21 pm
Title: For the longest time
Summary: It was way after midnight when his cell phone rang.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13.
Word Count: 1,020

Fandom/Pairing: HIMYM, Ted/The Mother, Barney/Robin
Spoilers: For 8.20 The Time Travellers

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So Comic Con... My money not good enough for you, eh? They only bleedin' well went and declined my credit card, the bastards. Ho Hum. I've asked them "is it because I is English?". They did ask for a "Zip code" after all. But by the time this is all sorted, it's likely that all the hotels and flights will be full and I will cry!

Anyway, in between marathoning through two and a bit series of Merlin (which really does get better in Series 3), I've been reflecting on more things I forgot about The Muppets.

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Hey... remember about a year ago when I started going on and on about that book, Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies? Well, they're only going to make it into a film, aren't they?
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So I managed to get through on the perfectly hideous San Diego Comic Con registration system and, cross fingers, I have got two 4-day packages! Ulp!

Sooo... does anybody know the best hotels to stay at for the convention? I need to book as soon as I get ticket confirmation from Comic Con.

Also, it's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights, it's time for me to go and see the Muppet Movie.

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Like most of you, I really ought to get back to posting regularly. I keep meaning to - I've seen so much theatre, films etc lately. I'm just being absolutely rubbish.

I blame Tumblr and its siren call of pretty pictures. What happened to my brain? My creativity? Is everyone else suffering from this?

In the meantime, well, HIMYM's been good lately hasn't it?
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26 January 2012 @ 12:42 pm
I finally got to see the latest Michael Fassbender film, Haywire. Yes, I feel very slow!

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16 January 2012 @ 12:29 pm
I've taken an evening to digest this, and now I want to post my thoughts. Obvious Spoilers inside the cut.

Just stop it...Collapse )

If anybody has any good fic recs that deal with this final episode, can you let me know?
As part of my regular six-month cork-board clear-out, here's my life of my activities over the last six months, to show I do get out of the house occasionally.

Batman Live (O2 Arena, London) 3*
One Man, Two Govenors (Cinema link-up with the NFT) 4*
Stephen Sondheim's Road Show (Menier Chocolate Factory, London) 4*
Confessions of a Mormon (Charing Cross Theatre, London) 4*
Luke Wright's Cynical Ballads (South Holland, Spalding) 3*
The Killing Of Sister George (Art's Theatre, London) 2*
Penny Dreadfyl's Etherdrome (South Holland, Spalding) 3*
War Horse (New London Theatre) 5*
The Joy Of Sketch (Lyric Theatre, London) 3*

Sucker Punch 2*
Limitless 3*
Arthur (Russell Brand) 3*
Contagion 2*
Too Big To Fail 4*
Submarine 3*
Glee: The 3D Concert 3*
Conan 3D 2*
Smurfs 3D 2*
Cowboys and Aliens 2*
Rise of the Planet of the Apes 5*
Puss 'n boots 3D 3*
Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows 4*
Happy Feet 3 3D 3*
Arthur Christmas 3D 3*
Immortals 3D 2*
Tin Tin 3D 3*
The Three Musketeers 3D 4*
LONDON PREMIER: A Dangerous Method 4*
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 3*

Arctic Monkeys (Nottingham Arena) 4*
Leeds Music Festival (Leens) 2*

Cyprus Wine Festival, Limassol (Oct) 3*
Dubai Rubgy Sevens, United Arab Emirates (Dec) 3*
03 November 2011 @ 08:59 am
So, I've been marathoning my way through X-men: The animated series, and I can tell you that's some weird shit right there. If you ever think fanfiction is far-fetched, I suggest you watch X-men! There's time travel that makes Back To The Future look sane, alternative realities, long lost relatives, space creatures, space battles, massive robots, jurassic park, I'm not even kidding. I'm now on Series 3 - the one with The Pheonix - and I still can't believe this show is a real thing. I'm hallucinating it, surely? I mean, kids GET this?

Anyway, it's day 3 of my made-up meme:

Day 3 - Favourite X-men movie villainCollapse )

In other news, I am desperately sad that my favourite show, This is Jinsy, is now finished. And American TV is being all weird again. Random weeks with no episodes don't sit well with my Sky recorder. I'm sure it's lost House and Glee now. Why can't they just show episodes every week like a sensible person?

In other, other news, my sister has broken her foot. Apparently you don't always get a cast for that, if the bone is one of the little ones. I keep thinking they should give her Archangel's blood from X-men because I'm clearly going mad, or am reading too much of a fic called Nine Eleven Ten  (which is dark as a miner's arse crack btw).
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